The Three Aims of the Order

The Three Aims of the Order

1. To make our Lord known and loved everywhere

Our Order believes that it is the commission of the church to make the gospel known to all by bearing witness  to Christ through word and example in our our daily lives. The injunction to “Preach the gospel at all times, if necessary use words” is often incorrectly attributed to St. Francis. His rule of 1221 does say “All the friars, however, should preach by their example.”

2. To spread the spirit of love and harmony

The Order sets out, in the name of Christ, to break down barriers between people and to seek equality for all. We are pledged to fight against the ignorance, pride and prejudice that breed injustice of partiality of any kind. We try to live in the spirit of the prayer “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace”, though this is not a prayer of St Francis (it first appeared in 1912).

3. To live simply

Although we possess property and earn money to support ourselves and our families, we show ourselves true followers of Christ and of St. Francis by our readiness to live simply and to share with others. We aim to stay free from attachment to wealth, keeping ourselves constantly aware of the poverty in the world and its claim on us.