What to do if you have any concerns

As a Religious Order, we take our Safeguarding duty of care, very seriously and in the spirit of our Franciscan calling, we aim to care for both our own members but also members of the public that we engage with. Therefore TSSF has a Provincial Safeguarding Team. This is composed of a TSSF Provincial Designated Safeguarding Person as well as a Chapter Lead member. In addition, we have an agreement with local diocesan safeguarding advisors and the National Safeguarding Team for advice and support.

Do you have any concerns?

We have the appropriate Safeguarding policies, and a Provincial Designated Safeguarding Person whom you can contact should you have any concerns.  If anyone is in immediate danger, please contact the police and Social Services.

Our email is monitored daily and our Designated Safeguarding Person is Becca Faal, telephone number 07852 615084.

Safeguarding Policies

Safeguarding National Policy –  TSSF Safeguarding Policy (Europe) V2 updated April 2023

Safeguarding Guidance for Area Teams May 2023

Bullying and Harassment Policy 2020