Obedience in the Third Order: is TSSF a place for growth?

TSSF Study Week Alnmouth September 2008

This Study and Prayer paper originated in a working group asked in late 2007 by Provincial Chapter to consider concerns about obedience within TSSF. A draft was discussed at the Alnmouth study week in September 2008.

The paper distinguishes two senses of the term obedience. Its common usage to refer to individual conformity is not considered as productive as that evoking collective responsibility. Conformity alone is not seen as a short-term problem for TSSF. The richer meaning of obedience as a reciprocal duty of care leads to reflection on TSSF as a mature community, the relevance of the contemporary Franciscan Richard Rohr OFM’s ideas about adult spirituality and the responsibilities of leaders within TSSF. In future we will need to accommodate individual tertiary journeys in a creative way that will not be assisted by too narrow a focus on individual compliance.

Obedeience in the Third Order – PDF