Postulancy Training Notes

The material here is intended for Novice Guardians and Postulants and was first made available in August 2015. Revised Notes replaced the original ones in March 2017.

There are four postulancy notes (DOCX files):
P1: “Vocation to an Order” [long title “Vocation to an Order and integration with work and family”]
P2: “After the example of St Francis”
P3: “The Object of the Order” [long title “The Object of the Third Order: Participating in the Paschal Mystery”]
P4: “Knit together in community and prayer”

“Notes for the Novice Guardian” is just what it says.

Postulancy Note 2 says “Your Novice Guardian will provide you with copies of

both of which you should read. You should also watch the film Finding St Francis’ (made in 2015 by Paul Alexander and Little Portion Films). Another film worth watching is ‘Brother Sun, Sister Moon’ directed by Franco Zeffirelli (made in 1972).

Two or three copies of ‘Martha’ have been sent to all Areas. It is also available for purchase from TO Distribution and is on the TSSF website, as is ‘Christa Seva Sangha’. ‘Finding St Francis’  premiered in November 2015 and information is on the TSSF website.