Study & Prayer (S&P; Third Order Studies)

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Our Principles (Days 17 and 18) and the TSSF Basic Rule encourage us to study in an individually suitable way.

  • Study week papers are the output from annual Third Order Study weeks.
  • Other papers may now be found under the main menu item General Papers, and consist of a variety of papers written by Tertiaries in the European Province.

A Message from our Bishop Protector:

The Third Order’s three ways of service – prayer, study, and work – not
only lead us into deeper contemplation of God’s love, but also equip and
sustain us in sharing that love with all people. And so I commend to you
the opportunity to further grow as followers of Christ in the way of St
Francis through the stimulating and enjoyable study weeks and online
study papers provided by the Study and Prayer Network (Third Order).
These events and resources are available to members of all three Orders
of the Society, as together we seek to make Jesus Christ known and loved
+ Stephen Chelmsford

To contact Study & Prayer (Third Order Studies) please email:

Disclaimer: Please note that the views expressed in the “Study and Prayer” pages are those of the authors concerned and not necessarily of the Study and Prayer Network or of TSSF.

Freeland Study & Prayer Weekend: Friday 21 to Sunday 23 April 2017

(Old Parsonage guest house of the Community of St Clare, Freeland, Oxfordshire: arrivals late afternoon Friday, departures after lunch on Sunday.  Inclusive cost £100)

The theme will be From Passion to Pentecost.  The sessions will include:

From Passion to Pentecost: Exploring the Gospel events from the darkness of the Crucifixion to the ‘Stations of the Resurrection’/ ’The Way of Light’ – reflections based on some 20th century paintings, with Roger Willson TSSF.

A presentation by the artist Nicholas Mynheer (, who lives near Oxford and who has created paintings, sculptures and glass on these themes for many churches.  The weekend may also include an opportunity to visit a nearby church/churches with examples of Nicholas’s work.

Everyone is invited to bring an example of a work of art, poem, or piece of music inspired by the events after the passion, which has moved them.

The weekend is also an opportunity to share in the prayer life of the community at Freeland.
For more information, or to enquire about a place, please email putting ‘Freeland 2017’ in the subject line.


Alnmouth Study & Prayer Week: Monday 9 – Friday 13 October 2017

(Friary of St Francis, Alnmouth, near Alnwick, Northumberland: arrivals 4pm Monday, departures after breakfast 10am Friday.  Inclusive cost £160)

The theme will be The Writings of Francis and Clare.

The week will provide an opportunity for participants to reflect on the various documents which Francis and Clare left to us.  We hope that each session will focus on a different writing, and we encourage contributions in any form (written papers, guided reflections, creative activities, music, images…….) which can be personal responses to the writing, an academic commentary on it, or anything in-between.  The brief is that each participant has roughly one hour during which to assist the group reflect more deeply on one of Francis’ or Clare’s writings, in the prayerful surroundings of the Friary where we share in the life and worship of the First Order Brothers.

This week may be of particular interest to Novices – we shall try to maintain a balance of participants so that all may benefit.


For more information, or to enquire about a place, please email putting ‘Alnmouth 2017’ in the subject line.





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