General Chapter

The invitation to all Tertiaries to take part in General Chapter is now (27th October 2015) available. All Local Groups are encouraged to hold meetings between now and October 2016 to discuss the questions, and prepare their thoughts to be shared at a Convocation of Area representatives in 2017. Click here to download a PDF of the invitation and questions.

We are also making available a letter of explanation (click here) which was sent to Area Ministers in November 2015.

There is also an article in Little Portion, Issue 7 (Sept 2015) pages 28-29.

Earlier information:

Forming Franciscan Communities on 14 November 2015 looks ahead to General Chapter.

There was an article in Issue 4 of Little Portion (February 2014, pages 6-7) and planning has gone ahead since then. The call for responses which was posted in January 2014 is now out of date (and the response form is no longer available).