Praises of the Virtues

Hail, Queen Wisdom!
The Lord save you with your sister,
pure holy Simplicity
Lady holy Poverty, God keep you,
with your sister, holy Humility.
Lady holy Love, God keep you,
with your sister, holy Obedience.

All holy Virtues, God keep you,
God, from whom you proceed and come.
In all the world, there is no-one
who can possess any one of you,
without first dying to themselves.

Anyone who practices one and does not offend
against the others possesses all;
Anyone who offends against one,
possesses none and violates all.

Each and every one of you puts vice and sin to shame:
Holy Wisdom puts Satan and all his wiles to shame.

Pure and holy Simplicity
puts all the learning of this world,
all natural wisdom, to shame.

Holy Poverty puts to shame all greed, avarice
and all the anxieties of this life.

Holy Humility puts pride to shame,
and all the in habitants of this world
and all that is in the world.

Holy Love puts to shame all the temptations
of the devil and the flesh and all natural fear.

Holy Obedience puts to shame
all natural and selfish desires.
It mortifies our lower nature
and makes it obey the Spirit and our brothers and sisters

Obedience subjects us to everyone on earth,
and to all the beasts as well and to the wild animals,
so that they can do what they like with us,
so far as God allows them.