Chapter Handbook

The Chapter Handbook was approved by TSSF Provincial Chapter at its meeting on 13-14 June 2014 and minor revisions made in September 2014. The changes to the June version were noted here. In September 2017, most of the role descriptions were replaced by updated versions, mainly those approved by Chapter in June 2016. Appendix (vi) on “Management of a Project” was added.The footers to the pages were edited to be more informative; otherwise the text is unchanged.

New documents on Safeguarding and some extracts from the Chapter Handbook are available separately for the convenience of Tertiaries (if others would be useful, let the webmaster know).

NOTE: the Safeguarding documents have been updated slightly, July 2017:

The intention is that the Chapter Handbook will be used alongside the Constitution, Statutes and Principles of the Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis (TSSF) to provide guidance to Members of Provincial Chapter, who under Charity Law are also Trustees of the European Province of the Order. Area Teams may also use this Handbook as a guide and reference. The Constitution and Principles are found in the “Rule Booklet” which is part of the TSSF Manual.

The Statutes, which may be found in the TSSF Manual, set out the Mission of the Order and the structures and processes which enable this Mission to be pursued by members of the Order (i.e. structures at the Local, Area and Provincial levels; membership and responsibilities of Chapter; formation; elections and appointment of office holders; complaints and appeals).

The Handbook seeks to complement the Statutes (particularly Sections 3, 5, 6 and 7) by ensuring that members of Chapter, as Trustees, understand the principles of good governance as set out in the Charity Commission’s Good Governance: A Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector.

Further information relating to the creation of the chapter handbook has been archived.