TSSF Papers

Listed below are the many papers produced by members of TSSF.

These include papers from Third Order Study weeks and weekends along with a variety of papers written by Tertiaries in the European Province.

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We are now adding papers from the more recent Alnmouth Study and Prayer Weekends. These will be included in the main list shortly.

Papers from the 2017 S&P Week at Alnmouth:

Obedience (Hugh Beach)

Praise be to you, O Lord, for our sister, Mother Earth (Julie Thomas)

Instruments of the Spirit (a discussion)

The Salutation of the Virgin (Andrew Baker)


Here are the papers from the 2013 Alnmouth weekend.

A Formation Paper (Gilian Ayerst) SP2013

Notes for an introduction to Bonaventure (Andrew Baker) SP2013

George Herbert, Priest and Poet…His influence today (Robert Raikes) SP2013 

St Clare and Embracing Formation (Margaret Field) SP2013

Brother Elias (Hugh Beach) SP2013

Following Francis in Prayer (Helen Hood) SP2013


Alnmouth study week 2007

TSSF Study Week, Alnmouth Friary, 12th - 16th November 2007

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Alnmouth study week 2008

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Alnmouth study week 2009

Alnmouth Study Week 5th - 9th October 2009

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Alnmouth study week 2010

This report summarises the 13 presentations, mostly papers, delivered at the 2010 TSSF annual study week.

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Alnmouth study week 2011

A report on the annual TSSF study week at Alnmouth Friary at Francistide, October 2011. The report summarises ten papers that were delivered during the week. Each topic is chosen by the author, but themes that emerged included: the importance of creativity - stories and mandalas; Irish and Franciscan spirituality; pilgrimages and individual faith journeys; reflections on the Franciscan tradition and tertiary life; poverty and wealth; encounters with Islam. Many of the papers may be found on this TSSF Papers web page.

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Alnmouth study week 2012

The Francistide Study Week was held at Alnmouth Friary from 1st to 5th October 2012. The paper "Overview of Oct 2012 study week" gives an overview of the week; copies of six of the papers presented are also available; they are listed below.

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Freeland Study Weekend, May 2013

The papers here are:

  • A report on the Study Weekend at Freeland, Friday, 24 - Sunday 26 May, 2013, on the subject of "The Canticle of the Creatures".

  • A paper on Forgiveness by Denise Mumford

  • A paper on Mother Earth by Nell Slocock

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Scottish Study Week Summer 2011

A report on the first, very successful study week organised by the Scotland TSSF area. By compiling comments made by the participants themselves, it conveys well the flavour of a busy study week in a SSF friary.

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Study and Prayer event on the work of Richard Rohr OFM

Study and Prayer event on the work of Richard Rohr OFM, Freeland Convent, 29th - 31st May 2009

A group met to explore the growing interest within TSSF in a body of work that seems increasingly important within contemporary Franciscanism, but which also has a much wider following. Blessed by perfect summer weather we concluded our weekend under the great tulip tree in Freeland’s garden, sure that Richard Rohr’s vision has much to offer the order at our current stage. Chapter is invited to note this consensus. Some ideas for further development follow in an appendix.

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Study weekend on the British Franciscan tradition

This report gives the flavour of a national Study and Prayer event, but it could also make a useful short introduction to British (mostly English) Franciscanism for tertiaries and particularly novices beginning to explore the tradition.

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