TSSF Papers

Listed below are the many papers produced by members of TSSF.

These include papers from Third Order Study weeks and weekends along with a variety of papers written by Tertiaries in the European Province.

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We are now adding papers from the more recent Alnmouth Study and Prayer Weekends. These will be included in the main list shortly.

Papers from the 2017 S&P Week at Alnmouth:

Obedience (Hugh Beach)

Praise be to you, O Lord, for our sister, Mother Earth (Julie Thomas)

Instruments of the Spirit (a discussion)

The Salutation of the Virgin (Andrew Baker)


Here are the papers from the 2013 Alnmouth weekend.

A Formation Paper (Gilian Ayerst) SP2013

Notes for an introduction to Bonaventure (Andrew Baker) SP2013

George Herbert, Priest and Poet…His influence today (Robert Raikes) SP2013 

St Clare and Embracing Formation (Margaret Field) SP2013

Brother Elias (Hugh Beach) SP2013

Following Francis in Prayer (Helen Hood) SP2013


Amos Trust Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Review of a visit to the Holy Land with a party led by Garth Hewitt.

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Biodiversity: Caring for Creation and the Sixth Extinction

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Booklist - JPIC 2006


BOOKLIST. October 2006

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Change, Challenge and Summits

Discussion on population growth

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Christians and the Environment

Challenging our ideas on this important subject for Christians.

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Climate change – the greatest threat to creation?

What can Franciscans do?

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A discussion paper on the theme of “Creation”

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Discussion paper on ecology

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Every time we see a Rainbow

Discussion on the effects of climate change

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Francis: A Very Modern Ecologist

This is an exploration of the ecological Francis. Francis would not have known what the word meant and he certainly would not be familiar with the science as we need to be today. He had, however, deep spiritual insights and was in touch with the creation and Earth, so much so that, he became almost a shaman for the church. The process was certainly one of personal development after a decision to follow Christ. Today Francis has been made the saint of ecology, as he always was. This article is offered as an attempt to understand the instincts he explored.

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Persecuted Christians

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Slogans and Labels

Challenging some of the words and phrases that we use

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The Care of Sister Water

Discussion of the challenges of managing the Earth’s water supply

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The Ethics of Stabilising Human Populations

Discussion paper

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The Thinning of the Ozone Layer

Information about the ozone layer

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Why should Franciscans care about Environmental and Trade Justice issues?

Discussion paper given to Scotland Area at meeting in April 2005

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