Little Portion

LITTLE PORTION gets its name from Porziuncola (“little portion of land”) that was the most sacred place for the early Franciscans. It was here that the young Francis understood his vocation and embarked on his own lifelong formation and that of forming the three orders that continue to exist today. This new TSSF publication offers a ‘little portion’ of wisdom from local groups, areas and the provincial networks as a means of nurturing our members in their own personal growth as well as nourishing them in their engagement with building community both within and beyond TSSF.

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Little Portion started in Summer 2012 after the last issue of its predecessor, the Chronicle. Issue dates and themes (past and near future) are as follows

  1. Jun 2012 “Prophetic Voices in our Time”
  2. Feb 2013 “Treasure in Jars of Clay”
  3. Aug 2013 “To Serve God in Everyday Life”
  4. Feb 2014 “Being Knit Together in Community and Prayer”
  5. Aug 2014 “To Dedicate their Lives”
  6. Mar 2015 “Making Christ Known”
  7. Sep 2015 “To spread the spirit of Love and Harmony”
  8. Mar 2016 “Living simply and sharing”
  9. Sep 2016 “Joy and Humility”
  10. Mar 2017 “Prayer”
  11. Sep 2017 “Study” [Copy date 15 Jul 2017]
  12. Mar 2018 “Work”