Francis and the Discernment of Vocation

 In this paper the author have examines a story about Francis recounted in St Bonaventure’s Major Life of Francis chapter XII, sections 1-2, and in The Fioretti (or Little Flowers) section 16 and the Latin text (from which The Fioretti was translated), The Deeds of St Francis and his Companions section 16. It is an incident in which Francis is agonizing over whether to remain as a preacher, or devote himself to a life of prayer. I have largely based what I have said on the text of Bonaventure’s Major Life, not least because that is not just another biography but a major work on the spiritual life with Francis as our model.

The author suggests that this story of Francis seeking to discern the will of God provides us with a Franciscan Process of discernment.

You can download the PDF of the paper using the link below.