Obedience – Listening Closely – Assisi Booklet number 5

This document is the result of nearly three years’ work by our current Provincial Formation Guardian and numerous members, including his predecessor, to produce such material. It is not a learned paper, though there is much study behind it, and neither is it a simple read to be enjoyed and then shelved. Rather, this is a document that attempts actively to engage the whole Order in further work. The hope
is that individual tertiaries will both explore it for themselves and also that it will be used by Local Groups for their on-going prayer and reflection about how to live the Franciscan life together.

The document interprets obedience as listening closely. It could just as easily have been described as ‘holy listening’, but that might have obscured what the Order hopes will happen with this document. What is offered is the opportunity for renewed effort to work together as brothers and sisters to support each other in our journey of continuing formation, and also material to inspire and sharpen our skills in
listening both to each other and to the Holy Spirit. The vision and hope is therefore that the content and wisdom in this document will enable and support this to happen throughout the Order.

Obedience – Listening Closely (.pdf)

Obedience – Listening Closely (.mp3)