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Little Portion Issue 3, August 2013

Text file of the whole magazine and audio files of the sections of the magazine.

Please note that audio files "Track 12: TSSF Contacts and Resources" has an error in Paul Bodenham's postcode. It also gives a couple of different email addresses, but these will work.


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Little Portion Issue 2, February 2013

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Little Portion Issue 1, June 2012

This should have reached all Professed Tertiaries and Novices around 20th July. The Editorial Team will be very pleased to received feedback on this new venture, which replaces the familiar “Chronicle”.

One problem about which we are already aware is that mailings to couples (Tertiaries at the same address) included only one copy of the magazine, which had been the practice with the Chronicle recently. The sharing of the magazine may or may not be acceptable, but it is absolutely clear that enclosures like Manual page updates must be sent to each Tertiary. We are arranging a mailing of a second set of enclosures.

Enclosures with Issue 1 were

  1. The Intercessions List, as usual.

  2. Revised Preface and Contents pages for the TSSF Manual; these are ready to insert in your Manual in place of the current pages (i) and (ii).

  3. Revised pages F-17 to F-20 of the Manual (Statutes of the European Province); these replace pages F-17 to F-19 dated Francistide 2009; you should also cross out the part of Section 5 at the foot of page F-16.

  4. An updated copy of the Rule of the Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis; this replaces the booklet you have with its three parts - Principles, Constitution and Forms of Profession and Renewal; we share these with the other Provinces of TSSF worldwide. This is intended to be kept as part of your Manual.

  5. Some advertising from the Sisters of the Community of St Clare at Freeland, who do so much to help us in distributing our magazine and printing these enclosures.

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