“Finding Saint Francis”: how to purchase the new film

With our thanks to the many who’ve supported it, the film is now complete. It was premiered at BFI Southbank in London on 5th November, and is now on sale.

We will be sending complimentary copies out to those who donated funds for the film. Due to some data protection issues we may not have everybody’s details, so if you donated monies and do not receive your copy by early December please contact us at  admin@littleportionfilms.com

The DVD is available for purchase for £9.99, plus P+P, via the film website:   http://www.findingsaintfrancis.com/  There are also options to  download or stream the film (for all these, look at the “Shop” menu, and/or at the bottom of the “Trailer” page of the website).

For enquiries, including about private showings of the film or performances of the one man show from Paul Alexander, or if you wish to buy the DVD but not to use online shopping (but please do try) contact Little Portion Films via the website http://www.findingsaintfrancis.com/  or email admin@littleportionfilms.com

Lastly tertiaries who do not use email can contact John Wiltshire by phone (ring or text 07717 547672 – ignore the CQC message, and do leave your own message).

Finding Saint Francis, Released 6th November 2015

Update on the Francis film

Finding Saint Francis” is nearing completion (yes really, this time! – mid-August 2015). A late cut has been going down well at private showings, and the film will be finalised and manufactured in the first half of September.

Here’s a link to the still-in-progress film website which shows a short repeating loop and other material: http://www.findingsaintfrancis.com.

And here’s a recent article in ArtServe magazine, saying more about the film and the aspirations of its director Paul Alexander TSSF.

The film’s officlal premiere will be at the British Film Institute on the South Bank in London on the 5th November, to an invited audience of those who’ve made and supported the film, those who can help us promote it widely – and some other friends too, if we still have enough seats.

Public sales of the film will begin the following day. Prices and details on how to purchase the DVD, or to download or stream the film, will follow during October – so do watch this space and/or TON.

Between now and the launch we can support private showings of “Finding Saint Francis”, for example at TSSF area meetings (we suggest that those who can will make a voluntary donation at such showings).

For more information about private showings, or any other aspect of the film, please contact John Wiltshire at john.wiltshire@littleportionfilms.com or on mobile 07717 547672 (ignore CQC voicemail and leave a message)…..

….BUT ALSO – we need some more help!

We’re a very small film company, and we’re already grateful for assistance last Xmas and offers from tertiaries with foreign language skills. Now we’re asking for help in two other areas, so that we can meet our own deadlines:

  • From tertiaries with experience of retail business, especially online e.g. selling through Amazon, to help us set up the merchandising of DVDs, paintings, music etc.
  • From someone with suitable experience to help us with banking, once we begin sales.

Again, any queries to John Wiltshire, as above, please. We’ll be glad to have them!

Francis - Peter Stickney and David Baggott.

He kissed a leper…. and changed the world