Sections of the Chapter Handbook

Two sections of the Chapter Handbook, Safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children and Equality and Diversity Policy have been provided as separate documents; links to them are in the Chapter Handbook page,
They can be found by a search for “safeguarding” or “diversity”. This is done in response to a request from an Area. We acknowledge that the Chapter Handbook is a large document and its section headings are not found by searches of the website.

Repeat call for nominations, by 27 Apr.

There were no nominations received for the post of Link Tertiary for the London and South East England Cluster. Professed Tertiaries in the five Areas involved

  • London East & Essex South
  • London South
  • London West
  • Canterbury
  • Kent West

are invited prayerfully to consider whether they may be called to offer themselves for this office.Nominations close on Wednesday 27 April. You may use the original nomination form or a revised one with the new closing date: London_SouthEast_LinkTertiary_Nomination_Apr2016

Do discuss with any TSSF officers (contact details are in TON, including for the retiring Link Tertiary, John Wiltshire).

Further information and links to the documents are on the TSSF website.

Study&Prayer weekend in May 2016

TSSF Study and Prayer Enabling Group event

Freeland Study & Prayer Weekend: Friday 27 to Sunday 29 May 2016

(Old Parsonage guest house of the Community of St Clare, Freeland, Oxfordshire: arrivals late afternoon Friday, departures after lunch on Sunday).

The theme will be Music, Joy & Humility.  Music has been important in Franciscan tradition from Francis himself, who might sing and dance when he was lost for words.  The weekend is intended for those who have an interest in and enjoy music, though no specialist knowledge or performing ability is required.  There will be sessions led by Jeremy Plummer, Andrew Baker and Hugh Beach (all TSSF).  Come prepared to respond to some varying approaches to music as an expression or enhancement of our Franciscan vocation.

For more information, or to enquire about a place, please email putting ‘Freeland 2016’ in the subject line.

We particularly welcome applications from those who have not attended one of these events previously, or who are returning for a second time.  Funding is available to assist anyone for whom costs might prevent attendance.

“Finding Saint Francis”: how to purchase the new film

With our thanks to the many who’ve supported it, the film is now complete. It was premiered at BFI Southbank in London on 5th November, and is now on sale.

We will be sending complimentary copies out to those who donated funds for the film. Due to some data protection issues we may not have everybody’s details, so if you donated monies and do not receive your copy by early December please contact us at

The DVD is available for purchase for £9.99, plus P+P, via the film website:  There are also options to  download or stream the film (for all these, look at the “Shop” menu, and/or at the bottom of the “Trailer” page of the website).

For enquiries, including about private showings of the film or performances of the one man show from Paul Alexander, or if you wish to buy the DVD but not to use online shopping (but please do try) contact Little Portion Films via the website  or email

Lastly tertiaries who do not use email can contact John Wiltshire by phone (ring or text 07717 547672 – ignore the CQC message, and do leave your own message).

Finding Saint Francis, Released 6th November 2015