Farewell to +Michael

Benedict SSF, Minister Provincial of SSF, sent the following message to Tertiaries (particularly in the London area):

On 8th December 2014 at 12 noon we are holding a Leaving Service for Bishop Michael Perham who retires as our Bishop Protector a post he has held for the past 10 years.   There will be a sung Mass at S. Philip and St James Church in Whitwell Road, Plaistow, London E13 and a finger buffet to follow.

It would be nice if there was a good turnout of brothers and sisters of both First and Third Order for the event if possible.  I wonder if you could let your local TSSF groups know and be encouraged to send a representative to the farewell service.  Bishop Michael has been a faithful and good Protector for us, and we would like to do him proud.

Those of us further afield will, I am sure, join in prayers of thanks to +Michael and blessings for his future.

Younger Tertiaries Retreat

If there’s anyone who regards themselves as a ‘younger’ tertiary (defined fairly loosely but under 40ish perhaps) who would be interested in coming for some or all of the retreat we’re planning from 15th-20th January next year at Freeland, or knows somone who fits that description, please look at the attached document or contact youngertertiariesretreat@gmail.com for more information.

[Information from Carys Underdown]

Provincial Communications Coordinator

A third call for nominations for the office of Provincial Communications Coordinator has been sent to Areas and to the rest of Chapter. Nominations are requested by 18 December at the latest.

As well as the formal call (available as a PDF file or a Word document), a personal note about the office is available. [File “PCC_role_informal_notes_12Nov14.pdf”]

Current thinking is that it may be helpful for a new PCC (in consultation with Chapter) to appoint an assistant to look after some aspects of the role.

Please consider this prayerfully and if you or your friends think it might be for you, you can get more information from me at comms@tssf.org.uk or send a nomination to returningofficer@tssf.org.uk.

Chris Petrie, November 2014

Christmas Cards

Some members of TSSF will have seen the Christmas card featuring a ‘still’ from the forthcoming film, “Francis”.

A flier is available: Francis film Christmas Cards. This gives details of how to purchase packs of these cards.

There has been a little confusion over the two ways to order the cards and the cost of post & packing. Anyone can order at the Inspirations store (online) and P&P there is believed to be £3.46 (for any number of packs of 20). The alternative is for Tertiaries only and those details are clear on the flier (packs of 10, P&P £3.50) – NOTE this way of ordering must be done before the end of November; the dispatch is being dodne by a group of volunteers.

The cards and the Francis film are undertakings by a number of Tertiaries with the encouragement (but not formal involvement) of Provincial Chapter.

TSSF Europe Becomes Digitally Social!

twitter-312464_640As part of our online efforts to become known to people inside and outside the Church, and to support Third Order members, we have entered the Social Media age a little further and created a new Twitter account and Facebook Page!

So if you Tweet, or simply follow other Tweeters, do follow our account by visiting us at https://twitter.com/tssf_europe. Here is our first ever tweet:

Facebook_logo_(square)Also, please Like our new Facebook Page by visiting https://www.facebook.com/tssfeurope. And don’t forget there is a Facebook Group for people who want to discuss the life of Saint Francis and what it means to be a Franciscan nowadays here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TSSF.Europe/

Francis film – Francistide update

The following email has been sent to Areas (to ACCs):

Just before our Francistide area meetings, the “Francis” film steering group would be grateful if you’d alert your areas to progress on the film, and the imminent availability of good quality film-related Xmas cards. I attach a pdf showing a mock-up of the cards.

The cards are large format i.e. A5 size (A4 folded in two) which will be suitable for 2nd class post. We’re pricing them at 50p each, although direct sales aren’t easy in a dispersed order so they’ll be available soon by post at 20 cards for £9.99, plus P+P.

Please keep an eye on the TSSF website for imminent information about the card distribution website, now being finalised. You’ll also see other material soon on the TSSF site, such as a link to the forthcoming Little Portion Films website (the “home” of the film) and also a very positive Church Times article about the making of the film (attached here).

The “Francis” film is not an official TSSF production but we’re grateful to Provincial Chapter for financial support, and for encouragement, and we’ll be equally grateful for your own support in making this information available to interested tertiaries.

Pax et Bonum.

John Wiltshire
Chair of Francis film steering group
Link Tertiary

TSSF Provincial Officer Elections

At the close of nominations on 22 September, there were two nominations:

  • John Lovatt (Mercia Area)
  • John Wotherspoon (Mersey Valley Area).

for the office of Provincial Treasurer and an election is being held.

There have been no nominations for the office of Provincial Communications Coordinator. (Still no nominations – 23 October.)  A further call for nominations has been issued. Any nomination on the form already issued (with the 22 Sept closing date) will be accepted as a valid nomination up to the new closing date, 30 October. New Nomination forms and copies of the Guidance notes and role description are available on the web as well as from your Area Team.

All Professed Tertiaries of the European Province may vote in the election for Provincial Treasurer, and are strongly urged to do so.
Voting papers and candidates’ electoral addresses have been sent to Areas; Tertiaries should receive these at the latest with TON 53 in November. The electoral addresses are supplied to give you information on which to base your vote and you may also contact the candidates and those who proposed and seconded them.
The voting papers and electoral addresses are also be available from the website. Names of voters are checked against membership records and to make that check, votes (paper or electronic) must have a clear indication of the voter’s name and address; votes are confidential between the voter and the returning officer.

Chris Petrie, returning officer, 24 Sept; edited 4 Oct 2014

PS – the job of returning officer is not part of the duties of Provincial Communications Coordinator but a separate job undertaken to assist the Provincial Secretary.


Francis film project – update

The “Francis” film – update, August 2014

We’re pleased to say filming took place at Hilfield Friary as planned during July. It was widely considered a success. No film’s without its moments of panic, but this one went pretty smoothly. Film_IMG_6719edited[1]The experience was enjoyed by all – director, crew and actors but also by the host community at Hilfield, many of whom found themselves among the cast. We think “Francis” is going to be a fresh and striking look at the story, simply shot in modern dress and presenting Francis as an attractive and compelling figure for contemporary and especially younger audiences.

Do have a look at these early stills – two images from the film itself, and two others. They include both the younger and older FrancisFilm_IMG_6590edited[1]. Film_IMG_7794edited

So at the beginning of August we now have large amounts of film “in the can”, and a lot of optimism about the eventual result. What next? Firstly much reviewing of the footage, then intensive editing throughout September to include sound, music and the specially commissioned painted stills showing Umbrian scenes to complement the Dorset setting.

Then in no time after that we need to be promoting and marketing the film, hoping to ensure DVD sales but also to try to get a foot in the door at one or two film festivals and if possible with a mainstream film distributor. If you have any contacts that might help us with this promotion, please let us know! With a bit of luck “Francis” may be available in time for Christmas 2014.

But let’s remind ourselves why we’re doing this. We see it as a work of mission, building on Paul Alexander’s well-known and loved one-man theatre performance to reach a larger global audience – and so to make our Lord, and his servant Francis, known and loved throughout the world in line with our TSSF Aims.

It’s only thanks to the generosity of individual tertiaries, TSSF Chapter and the SSF Legacy Fund that we raised enough funding to get to this stage, and a part of what we need to complete and distribute the finished film. And it’s equally thanks to the commitment and faith of crew and actors, who’ve so far received only token payment, that the project has got this far.

So we still need to keep raising funds for the coming stages, and to pay actors and crew more suitably than we’ve done to date.

If you’d like to discuss the Francis film project, please contact John Wiltshire at katherine.wiltshire1@ntlworld.com or phone 07717 547672 (ignore the CQC work message).

To donate online, please visit our charity giving website: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/deniseeasteal1

Lastly, watch out here for further updates, with more glimpses of the film itself!


TSSF presence at Greenbelt Festival 2014

Greenbelt moves to its new site at Boughton House this year but TSSF will still have its presence there (mostly, our stall in the G-source marquee), as for the last three years.
We have some tertiary volunteers to support the stall, but are keen to have more. If you’ll be at Greenbelt, could spare a couple of hours and would like to meet other tertiaries at the festival – please contact John Wiltshire TSSF at katherine.wiltshire1@ntlworld.com or on mobile 07717 547672 (ignore CQC voicemail).

Greenbelt 2014: Travelling Light
22 – 25 August 2014
Boughton House, Northamptonshire