Link Tertiary Election, April-May 2015

An election for the Link Tertiary for the Central South England Cluster has started. Closing date 23 May 2015. All Professed tertiaries in the Sussex, Guildford, Channel Islands, Solent, Berkshire and Winchester Areas should vote. Information has been sent to these Areas and is on the web at

Recent updates (Revised 26th March)

Calls for nominations for two Link Tertiaries have been issued. See the Chapter page or

Chapter has agreed that TON may be made available on the TSSF website and issues TON 50 to TON 53 have been uploaded. The Spring 2015 Intercessions leaflet is also on the website.

The announcements of deaths of a number of Tertiaries have been added to the website – see the deaths & obituaries page which has links to obituaries sent by Tertiaries.

Study and Prayer Weekend 24th – 26th April 2015

The S & P Weekend will be held at:

St. Mary’s Convent, The Community of St. Clare, Wroslyn Road,
Freeland, Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 8AJ

From Friday 24 April 2015 to Sunday 26 April 2015 from 3.30pm on the
Friday until after lunch on the Sunday.

The theme for the weekend is “The Canticle of the Creatures” and we will be taking
photographs and putting a selection to a musical setting. Please bring a digital camera or phone from which we can copy photos onto a laptop.

Please contact:
for more information or to book a place.

Election result

Election of the Provincial Treasurer and Trustee of TSSF European Province

In the election for which voting closed earlier this week, 358 votes were cast, being 19% of professed Tertiaries (at the start of voting).

  • 201 votes were cast for John Lovatt
  • 157 votes were cast for John Wotherspoon

so that JOHN LOVATT is elected to serve from the end of the June 2015 meeting of Provincial Chapter.

Chris Petrie, returning officer, on behalf of Provincial Chapter.

Informal comments

The Order owes a considerable debt to the candidates who were led to offer themselves for this demanding role and heartfelt thanks are offered to John and to John. A number of those who voted, commented on the difficulty of choosing between two candidates whose talents and experience fitted them so well for the office. If that is a reason why you did not vote, you may be forgiven this once, but please vote next time. Better than that, consider whether you are called to offer yourself to serve the Order at Area or Provincial level.

The idea of making the election addresses of Chapter members available during their time of service on Chapter has met with agreement of those who have been asked so far. John Lovatt’s election address has been on the web during voting and will continue to be available. Those of other officers will appear, with their permission. We hope this will help to make Chapter seem more human and approachable – none of us bite (as far as I know).

Chris Petrie, Communications Coordinator, European Province

Change of PCC in February 2015 (revised)

We have found a new Provincial Communications Coordinator! The third call for nominations produced a single nomination. Therefore

Chris Jenkins
(at present Somerset Area Communications Coordinator)

is “elected” and will be commissioned to take up office at the end of February Chapter (Saturday 21 February).
Chris (like me a Christopher) has agreed that his election address may be published here by way of an introduction of him to the Order.

I wish to express my thanks to Chris for being prepared to take on this role and wish him joy in serving TSSF in this way. It is something I have enjoyed greatly and found immensely fulfilling. I feel I have got to know many marvellous Tertiaries in the course of my 3 years in post – thank you all. In this electronic age I am sure we shall not lose touch.

Chris Petrie, Provincial Communications Coordinator

PS – by way of adding a bit of history, I am publishing my own electoral address (from 2011) here. With a bit of luck we may set a trend that we can persuade other Provincial (and Area) Officers to follow. I hope this is helpful and not just a bit of vanity publishing.

Vote now

There is one week left to vote in the election for Provincial Treasurer. The easiest way to vote is to send an email to after looking at the election addresses of the two candidates, which may be found at
Your vote should have either Vote Lovatt or Vote Wotherspoon as the subject of the email and your name and Area/Local Group (or sufficient to allow the returning officer to find you in the Membership list and check that you are eligible to vote) in the e-mail. The format is not rigid – common sense should be your guide.

If you are not sure if you have voted, vote again; we check and record only one vote from each professed Tertiary and you are not thought to be wicked for forgetting and voting twice!

All professed Tertiaries ought to vote – this is not something we seem to be very good at doing.

I trust that you have had a blessed Christmas and send my good wishes for 2015.

Chris Petrie, Provincial Communications Coordinator

Farewell to +Michael

Benedict SSF, Minister Provincial of SSF, sent the following message to Tertiaries (particularly in the London area):

On 8th December 2014 at 12 noon we are holding a Leaving Service for Bishop Michael Perham who retires as our Bishop Protector a post he has held for the past 10 years.   There will be a sung Mass at S. Philip and St James Church in Whitwell Road, Plaistow, London E13 and a finger buffet to follow.

It would be nice if there was a good turnout of brothers and sisters of both First and Third Order for the event if possible.  I wonder if you could let your local TSSF groups know and be encouraged to send a representative to the farewell service.  Bishop Michael has been a faithful and good Protector for us, and we would like to do him proud.

Those of us further afield will, I am sure, join in prayers of thanks to +Michael and blessings for his future.

Younger Tertiaries Retreat

If there’s anyone who regards themselves as a ‘younger’ tertiary (defined fairly loosely but under 40ish perhaps) who would be interested in coming for some or all of the retreat we’re planning from 15th-20th January next year at Freeland, or knows somone who fits that description, please look at the attached document or contact for more information.

[Information from Carys Underdown]

Provincial Communications Coordinator

A third call for nominations for the office of Provincial Communications Coordinator has been sent to Areas and to the rest of Chapter. Nominations are requested by 18 December at the latest.

As well as the formal call (available as a PDF file or a Word document), a personal note about the office is available. [File “PCC_role_informal_notes_12Nov14.pdf”]

Current thinking is that it may be helpful for a new PCC (in consultation with Chapter) to appoint an assistant to look after some aspects of the role.

Please consider this prayerfully and if you or your friends think it might be for you, you can get more information from me at or send a nomination to

Chris Petrie, November 2014