Election result: Provincial Secretary (November 2016)

The Provincial Secretary elect is Martin Allen. He will take up office at the end of the Provincial Chapter in February.

Votes cast:
Martin Allen    229 votes
Garry Ward      153 votes
382 votes out of 1786 possible were cast, 21.39% of those eligible (disappointing but in line with several recent elections).

TSSF owes a debt of gratitude to both candidates for offering themselves for this service.

Chris Petrie, Returning Officer, 12th Nov 2016

Forming Franciscan Community

‘Forming Franciscan Community’ – Saturday 12th November 2016 in Berwick-upon-Tweed or Saturday 26th November in Manchester – is an opportunity to find encouragement and help in building up the life of the Order.

You may find more information, and the opportunity of booking a place, here (click to follow link). There was an earlier opportunity in London – see page 21 of Issue 8 (March 2016) of Little Portion.

New Chapter Members needed (updated)

A formal call for nominations has been sent to Areas for two posts to be filled before the October Chapter.

Anyone who feels that they may be called to sserve the Order is invited to read the documents provided and to contact me (as returning officer) by 19th August. A little more time is available for formal nominations provided I know by 19th August.

  1. The Provincial Secretary, Howard McFadyen, comes to the end of his 6-year term of office in February 2017. Chapter has asked for a 2-Chapter handover period for this important role. A formal job description has been sent out to Area contacts with the call for nominations. Howard has prepared an informal job description, which may be found here (click the link).
  2. The Link Tertiary for the North East and North West England Cluster, Jeremy Plummer, is standing down after 3 years and so will hand over to a successor at the October Chapter. The 5 Areas in the cluster (Cumbria and Lancashire, Mersey Valley, Borders, Newcastle, Durham) have been sent a call for nominations plus job description.

All professed Tertiaries are encouraged to consider prayerfully whether they might offer service to the Order as Provincial Secretary or perhaps to encourage a fellow-Tertiary to accept nomination.

The same applies to Tertiaries in the North East and North West England Cluster for the office of Link Tertiary.

Ask your Area Teams for details or contact me (as returning officer) and I can send you information. The doccuments will also be put on the web at http://tssf.org.uk/resources/information/nominations-for-chapter-office-holders/ soon.

Chris Petrie, 13th July 2016

Sacred Land – Aberdaron, 7th-9th Oct 2016

A weekend in North Wales on our care for creation is being organized by Tim Higgins TSSF. Details are on the flier linked to this post – click here to see or download it.

Find yourself in this enchanted landscape guided and connected to the life of the Earth’s Great Story with
Martin Palmer, BBC broadcaster and author
Mary Colwell, Film Producer, specialist in nature and the environment

For further details about the weekend programme or to book, contact Tim Higgins, tim.tssf@gmail.com, telephone: 01758 770 303
For advice on accommodation contact Peter Hewlett, Edge of Wales, enquiries@edgeofwaleswalk.co.uk telephone: 01758 760 652.

Sections of the Chapter Handbook


New documents on Safeguarding are available on the website; these have been updated slightly, July 2017:


A section of the Chapter Handbook of Sept 2014, Safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children,  was provided as a separate document in May 2016; this is superseded by the October 2016 documents.

Equality and Diversity

A section of the Chapter Handbook of Sept 2014, Equality and Diversity Policy was provided as a separate document in May 2016.

See also the Chapter Handbook page, http://tssf.org.uk/resources/publications/chapter-handbook/

The separate sections from the Chapter Handbook were provided in response to a request from an Area. We acknowledge that the Chapter Handbook is a large document and its section headings are not found by searches of the website. The topics here can be found by a search of the website for “safeguarding” or “diversity”. 

Repeat call for nominations, by 27 Apr.

There were no nominations received for the post of Link Tertiary for the London and South East England Cluster. Professed Tertiaries in the five Areas involved

  • London East & Essex South
  • London South
  • London West
  • Canterbury
  • Kent West

are invited prayerfully to consider whether they may be called to offer themselves for this office.Nominations close on Wednesday 27 April. You may use the original nomination form or a revised one with the new closing date: London_SouthEast_LinkTertiary_Nomination_Apr2016

Do discuss with any TSSF officers (contact details are in TON, including for the retiring Link Tertiary, John Wiltshire).

Further information and links to the documents are on the TSSF website.

Study&Prayer weekend in May 2016

TSSF Study and Prayer Enabling Group event

Freeland Study & Prayer Weekend: Friday 27 to Sunday 29 May 2016

(Old Parsonage guest house of the Community of St Clare, Freeland, Oxfordshire: arrivals late afternoon Friday, departures after lunch on Sunday).

The theme will be Music, Joy & Humility.  Music has been important in Franciscan tradition from Francis himself, who might sing and dance when he was lost for words.  The weekend is intended for those who have an interest in and enjoy music, though no specialist knowledge or performing ability is required.  There will be sessions led by Jeremy Plummer, Andrew Baker and Hugh Beach (all TSSF).  Come prepared to respond to some varying approaches to music as an expression or enhancement of our Franciscan vocation.

For more information, or to enquire about a place, please email studyprayer@tssf.org.uk putting ‘Freeland 2016’ in the subject line.

We particularly welcome applications from those who have not attended one of these events previously, or who are returning for a second time.  Funding is available to assist anyone for whom costs might prevent attendance.