Using material from the website

2Over the last year or two several people have asked me if they are allowed to download documents from the website for their own use, so I thought I would write this short note to let you know the policy on using material from the TSSF website.

All the material on the website is made freely available and so you are able to download anything. You don’t need any userids or passwords – if you can see it online, you can download it.

You might have noticed that it says “Except where otherwise noted this site is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK:England & Wales Licence” and you may have wondered what this means. This is the legal stuff about the way that we make things available. What it means is that you are allowed to use the material under the terms of the licence as follows:

That you are “free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work”
This means that you can make copies of the material, distribute it to other people, and “perform” it where that is appropriate (for example, you could read it to a group of people).

That you are “free to make derivative works”
This means that you can make use of the material to create new material. You are allowed take parts of a document and mix it with other things.  For example, you could take a poem or a prayer and incorporate it into an act of worship that you were putting together.

There are, however, some conditions which are:

Attribution – you must give the original author credit. Every document should name the author. In the case of a single document (for example a Study and Prayer paper) it will normally give the name of the person who wrote it.

Third Order material such as Assisi documents, have “TSSF” as the author and you should normally attribute it to “Third Order Society of Saint Francis, European Province”. Some Third Order documents, such as The Chronicle, contain articles by several different individuals and it should normally be quite easy to see who should receive the attribution.

Non-Commercial – you may not use any Third Order material for commercial purposes.

Share-Alike – if you make a derivative work using Third Order materials, you must make it available to others in the same way. You cannot copyright it or restrict it for yourself.

This means that just about any “normal” use of the material on the website is allowed. You can use it within the Third Order, for example at Group meetings, or within your church or other groups. As long as you make an attribution of the person who wrote the material and do not try to use it for commercial purposes, then it is OK.

If, for any reason, you want to make use of website material that does not conform to these conditions, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it, but you must seek permission before you do so. In this case, please contact the Webmaster who will work out with you what permission will be needed and who needs to give it.