How to download Adobe Acrobat

Many of the documents on this website are PDF files. PDF means Portable Document Format which has the advantage that it can be displayed on a wide variety of computers. It means that documents have a long life as you can read the documents on a very old PC or a very new one and you  should be able to read them on any new PCs that come out in the future.

In order to read PDF files, you need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. It is perfectly safe to download it if you go to the Adobe website. Here are some instructions to help you to do this:

  • Visit the web-site:
  • You will see a list of things you can download on this screen
  • Click on ‘Adobe Reader’ button
  • Change type of windows system if necessary
  • Click Download now.
  • When asked where you wish to save this file say ‘Desktop.’
  • Click on Icon that will now be on Desktop and follow instructions as they appear.