Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQs page. Here you can browse some commonly asked questions. If you have a question and can’t find an answer, please email the TSSF webmaster

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Who is the website for?

The website of the European Province of TSSF is intended both for anyone interested in Franciscans, St Francis, St Clare or religious orders in the Anglican Communion and for Tertiaries (members of TSSF) and those who are considering whether they have a call to deepening their religious life.

The section "ABOUT THE THIRD ORDER" and the pages there should tell our story and explain who we are to anyone who wants to find out.

The other sections are written with Tertiaries in mind, but are there for anyone to read.

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How are TSSF Papers organized?

If you go to the PUBLICATIONS / TSSF PAPERS page, you will find a bulleted list of over 130 papers. Each title in the list may be clicked. This takes you to an entry in the page with the paper title followed, often, by a few words of explanation then a link to a PDF file followed by a link taking you back to the list of titles. You can browse through all of these.

On the right of the page is a list headed SELECT PAPER TYPE. Click on any of these and you get a display of just the papers that have been tagged with this "paper type". Papers may be tagged with more than one "paper type" or "tag" and the tagging is a work in progress. At the end of the list is "View all" to take you back to the complete list.

The tag "S&P Papers" identifies papers that were put on the website by the Study & Prayer network of TSSF  -  and of these, papers tagged "S&P Weeks/weekends" have reports of particular study weeks or weekends. The tag "General" identifies papers that were submitted to the website (and approved, normally by a group of 3 Tertiaries as editors). The tag "jpic" identifies papers from the JPIC (Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation) Network of TSSF.

Other tags, like "Francis" or "Prayer" act like keywords to help you find papers on particular topics.


If you have suggestions or problems with any of this, please let us know, by emailing the TSSF webmaster.


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How do I search the website?

If you want to find any item, for example anything about Dorothy Swayne, type the words in the box at the top right of any page (below where it says HELP) then click on the box to the right of the one you can type in, which says "Search".

This will give you a set of extracts from pages with links you can click on to find what you want.

If that fails you can find things in documents on the website by using Google Search, for example with the search words "Dorothy Swayne".


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