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Christmas Greetings From Our Minister Provincial


Christmas Greeting 2017

Christmas Greetings 2017

Wishing you

Peace and Joy

this Christmas

Jamie TSSF

Minister Provincial

European Province

Third Order, Society of St Francis


 Artwork by Sophie Hacker



Christmas message from our Minister Provincial – Please follow the link below,


The Interprovincial Chapter of the Third Order (IPTOC) along the Joint First Order Chapter (JFOC) are meeting at High Leigh, Hertfordshire, from 6th to 15th September. The Bishop Protector, Minister Provincial, Provincial Formation Guardian and Provincial Novice Guardian (Bishop Stephen, Jamie, Paul and Peter) will all be attending (as will John Lovatt, our Provincial Treasurer, as an observer) and among the business will be the election of a new Minister General of TSSF, in succession to Ken Norian, and the ratification of a new Constitution.

There will also be talks from Sam Wells, the Vicar of St Martin in the Fields, Markus Heinze of Franciscans International, Tibor Kauser (Minister General of OFS) and Paula Pierce (National Minister of OFS GB), Richenda Milton-Daws from Franciscan Aid and Paul Alexander, on the Francis Film.

Please pray for us.

Jamie Hacker Hughes (posted by the webmaster)

IPTOC 2017

IPTOC 2017

IPTOC 2017

IPTOC 2017

Sections of the Chapter Handbook


New documents on Safeguarding are available on the website; these have been updated slightly, July 2017:


A section of the Chapter Handbook of Sept 2014, Safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children,  was provided as a separate document in May 2016; this is superseded by the October 2016 documents.

Equality and Diversity

A section of the Chapter Handbook of Sept 2014, Equality and Diversity Policy was provided as a separate document in May 2016.

See also the Chapter Handbook page,

The separate sections from the Chapter Handbook were provided in response to a request from an Area. We acknowledge that the Chapter Handbook is a large document and its section headings are not found by searches of the website. The topics here can be found by a search of the website for “safeguarding” or “diversity”.