Election result

Election of the Provincial Treasurer and Trustee of TSSF European Province

In the election for which voting closed earlier this week, 358 votes were cast, being 19% of professed Tertiaries (at the start of voting).

  • 201 votes were cast for John Lovatt
  • 157 votes were cast for John Wotherspoon

so that JOHN LOVATT is elected to serve from the end of the June 2015 meeting of Provincial Chapter.

Chris Petrie, returning officer, on behalf of Provincial Chapter.

Informal comments

The Order owes a considerable debt to the candidates who were led to offer themselves for this demanding role and heartfelt thanks are offered to John and to John. A number of those who voted, commented on the difficulty of choosing between two candidates whose talents and experience fitted them so well for the office. If that is a reason why you did not vote, you may be forgiven this once, but please vote next time. Better than that, consider whether you are called to offer yourself to serve the Order at Area or Provincial level.

The idea of making the election addresses of Chapter members available during their time of service on Chapter has met with agreement of those who have been asked so far. John Lovatt’s election address has been on the web during voting and will continue to be available. Those of other officers will appear, with their permission. We hope this will help to make Chapter seem more human and approachable – none of us bite (as far as I know).

Chris Petrie, Communications Coordinator, European Province

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