Change of PCC in February 2015 (revised)

We have found a new Provincial Communications Coordinator! The third call for nominations produced a single nomination. Therefore

Chris Jenkins
(at present Somerset Area Communications Coordinator)

is “elected” and will be commissioned to take up office at the end of February Chapter (Saturday 21 February).
Chris (like me a Christopher) has agreed that his election address may be published here by way of an introduction of him to the Order.

I wish to express my thanks to Chris for being prepared to take on this role and wish him joy in serving TSSF in this way. It is something I have enjoyed greatly and found immensely fulfilling. I feel I have got to know many marvellous Tertiaries in the course of my 3 years in post – thank you all. In this electronic age I am sure we shall not lose touch.

Chris Petrie, Provincial Communications Coordinator

PS – by way of adding a bit of history, I am publishing my own electoral address (from 2011) here. With a bit of luck we may set a trend that we can persuade other Provincial (and Area) Officers to follow. I hope this is helpful and not just a bit of vanity publishing.

One thought on “Change of PCC in February 2015 (revised)

  1. Shelagh Norton

    Please pass this message on to Chris Jenkins – I am very pleased you are the new PCC. I met you when you were in charge of the coffee shop on Iona, and you agreed to be in the display I was compiling for the Lay Readers of the Carlisle Diocese to show what a variety of things Readers got up to! I have had connections with the West Country, so can picture you in Somerset. My uncle farmed near Crewkerne and my mother came from Exeter. We had many happy holidays in the area. I am now in Ireland, having moved from Cumbria via Scotland and Norfolk when we retired. Hoping we’ll meet again someday, Best Wishes Shelagh Norton.


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