Action and Contemplation: Franciscan Spirituality Today (2010)

Richard Rohr OFM spoke at St James Piccadilly on “Action and Contemplation – Franciscan Spirituality Today” on the 3rd and 4th September 2010. This event, part of his 2010 UK tour, was organised by TSSF Study and Prayer and attracted an audience of 450 people. Most, but not all, were Franciscans from various orders including a great many Third Order tertiaries. This record of the event consists of short reviews of the occasion by a TSSF novice, an established tertiary and a First Order sister. It also links to a collection of photographs taken during the two days.

RR2010_Dorothy_Dennis (.pdf) 
RR2010_Helen_Julian (.pdf) 
RR2010_Linda_Chambers (.pdf)