Election Result for Minister Provincial, Jan 2017

Jamie Hacker Hughes is elected and will take office at the end of the meeting of Provincial Chapter in June 2017.

Votes cast at close of voting:

Jamie Hacker Hughes 118 votes
Tim Higgins 109 votes
Lesley Anne Di Marco 105 votes
Sarah Cawdell 78 votes
John Lovatt 59 votes
Christopher Wren 47 votes
Alan Williams 36 votes

552 votes out of 1772 possible were cast, 31.15% of those eligible.


The percentage voting is disappointing, but similar to other elections, e.g. in 2012 there was a poll of 33% in the election for Minister Provincial and in 2016 there was a poll of 21% in the election for Provincial Secretary and in 2015 there was a poll of 19% in the election for Provincial Treasurer.
The votes reported above were amended (after my initial report to candidates and officers) by the inclusion of three votes which had gone astray in one way or another but eventually reached the correct destination.
Votes from novices elected to Profession are accepted as they are recorded as Professed in TSSF records. Novices not elected to profession are not eligible to vote.
Where TSSF records hold an email address, votes received were acknowledged. This service is not part of the necessary tasks of the Returning Officer. It did reveal some out of date email addresses in the records.
I wish my successor as Returning Officer, Garry Ward, as happy a relationship with the Areas as I have enjoyed, even where I have made mistakes and sometimes received some robust comments.

Chris Petrie,
Returning Officer

 Appendix: Forthcoming elections – Areas, please take note

Provincial Formation Guardian, for Feb 2018 Chapter – with a 2-chapter handover, my guess is that the call for nominations should be issued around May 2017, closing date in mid-July 2017, voting from mid-July to mid-September 2017 (to begin handover at October Chapter).
Link Tertiary: Wales, Severn, West Midlands & the Marches, for Oct 2019 Chapter.
Other elections may be required if members of Chapter do not serve for a full 6 years.