Millennium Development Goals

United Nations Millennium Development Goals
1 Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty: halve the proportion of people living on less than a dollar a day; halve the proportion of people who suffer from hunger

2 Achieve universal primary education: ensure that all children complete primary schooling

3 Promote gender equality and empower women: ensure that girls have the same schooling as boys

4 Reduce child mortality: cut infant and child deaths by two-thirds

5 Improve maternal health: reduce by three quarters the proportion of women dying in childbirth

6 Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases: halt and begin to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS ; begin to reverse the incidence of malaria and other diseases

7 Ensure environmental sustainability: halve the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water; transform the lives of 100 million slum dwellers; reverse the loss of environmental resources

8 Secure a global partnership for development: address trade, debt, aid, public health and technology to promote economic growth and poverty reduction

The Micah Challenge

“..what does the LORD require of you? To do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God. “(Micah 6:8)

The Micah Challenge is a global Christian campaign. The aims are to deepen our engagement with impoverished and marginalised communities; and to challenge international leaders, and leaders of rich and poor countries, to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, and so halve absolute global poverty by 2015! For more information go to: