Campaigns for Peace, Justice and Ethical Living


Franciscan Action Network: Transforming the World in the Spirit of St Francis and St Clare of Assisi

The Franciscan Action Network (FAN) welcomes the support and friendship of Franciscans and Franciscan-hearted people the world over. It is a testimony to the value and importance of the Franciscan charism that people everywhere are living and working according to the values and ideas of St. Francis and St. Clare. Our mission of organizing and advocating for social change by following in their footsteps is primarily focused on U.S.-based government institutions and U.S. residents. Our values, however, observe no national boundaries.

The Anglican Pacifist Fellowship: This is a body of people within the Anglican Communion who reject was as a means of solving international disputes, and believe that peace and justice should be sought through non-violent means. They founded the Week of Prayer for World Peace and continue to have close ties with it. For more information go to:

Episcopal Peace Fellowship: This is the American sister organisation, affiliated with the Episcopal Church in America, and is an independent entity striving to work for peace in justice in their communities, their church, and the world. For more information go to:

Christian Peacemaker Teams :

Corrymeela Community:

Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel:

Fellowship of Reconciliation :

International Womens Peace Service:

Nonviolent Peaceforce :

Pax Christi :

Peacemakers : This website has films and other materials to promote inter faith peace initiatives.

Peaceworkers UK :


Eco-Congregation: Encouraging churches to consider environmental issues within a Christian context and enable local churches to make positive contributions in their life and mission. For more information:

Christian Aid : Add your voice via their campaigns website:

Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) : CAT is Europe’s foremost environmental education centre and has been engaging, inspiring, informing and enabling people everywhere to live more sustainable lives for over thirty years. The Centre offers a unique environment in which to learn about the issues of sustainability and climate change both in theory and practice. For more information go to:

Churches Community Work Alliance: The recently upgraded website gives a huge range of information about community regeneration which is updated regularly.

Climate Outreach Information Network: COIN is a new charity which finds innovative ways to encourage and support people to take personal action on climate change. It sets up action groups, runs speaker training sessions and information sharing conferences, and provides a package of advice and support to over 30 other small charities and organisations. For more information go to:

Faith-Based Regeneration Network: This website of the UK-wide network produces a range of useful resources.

Faith in Community Scotland: The official website of this group can be found at

Friends of the Earth :

People and Planet- Student Action Group on World Poverty, Human Rights and the Environment :

Practical Action : Formerly ITDG, Practical Action has been working with the world’s poorest people for over 40 years, using technology to fight poverty. Climate change is having a profound effect on the lives of millions of poor people around the world. Practical Action helps communities adapt to severe floods and droughts. It helps people escape poverty by using clean, renewable energy, and campaigns for UK and international policy to urgently tackle climate change. For more information go to:

Sustrans: The UK’s leading sustainable transport charity, works on practical projects to enable people to travel in ways that benefit their health and the environment. The charity is behind practical and innovative solutions to some of the UK’s biggest transport challenges, including the award-winning National Cycle Network. For more information go to:

Tearfund: Poor people in developing countries, who are already struggling for survival, are precisely those who are already being hardest hit by climate change. In answering the biblical call to speak out on behalf of the poor, we must also look at our own lives: we need to make positive decisions when it comes to reducing the negative impact our lives have on the environment. Individual action is great: but collective action is better still. Why not start promoting Tearfund’s lifestyle changes in your church or small group? For more information:

World Wildlife Fund:


Amnesty International: Seeking Asylum is not a Crime: An increasing number of people who have sought asylum in the UK are being detained under Immigration Act powers. Those detained include families with children, torture survivors and other vulnerable people. This increase has a terrible human cost inflicting untold misery on the individuals concerned. Amnesty International considers that detention is not being carried out according to international standards and serves little purpose if any in the majority of cases. They are campaigning against the arbitrary detention of people who have sought asylum. Find out more:

Changing Attitude : A network of people, gay and straight, lay and ordained working for the full affirmation of lesbian and gay Christians within the Anglican Communion. Changing Attitude and Changing Attitude Scotland

Church Action on Poverty : This is a national ecumenical Christian social justice charity, committed to tackling poverty in the UK. It works in partnership with churches and with people in poverty themselves to find solutions to poverty, locally, nationally and globally.

Churches Alert to Sex Trafficking across Europe :

Churches’ Community Work Alliance: This is a national group promoting and supporting church-related community work. Their aims: to initiate, support and encourage community development work in the life of the churches; to help churches to reflect theologically on their response to social and economic change; to promote good community development work practice; and to provide help and guidance for community development work projects and to support practitioners.

Citizens Organising Foundation : Citizen organising is a unique strategy to address the state of British public life. Their organising brings people and their groups into a mutually beneficial working relationship to pursue the common good. It strengthens bonds within and between diverse local institutions. Their members include schools, congregations, unions, community centres and tenants’ groups. As citizens form new relationships with one another the fabric of our society is re-woven. For more details go to. or or

Courage : An evangelical Christian organisation for gay and lesbian people who are seeking a safe place of riendship in which to reconcile their faith and sexuality and grow towards Christian maturity and for their partners and friends, parents and other family members.

Faith in Communities: This is a partnership organisation, bringing together faith communities which are commited to tackling poverty in Scotland. It was established in 2005, and the board of directors is made up of people across a range of faith traditions.

Franciscans International: A non-governmental organisation of the United Nations campaigning for human rights and the elimanation of poverty.

Franciscans International and Dominicans for Human Rights :

Habitat for Humanity: This is a non-denominational Christian charity that works around the world with homeowners and volunteers from all backgrounds, races and religions to build homes. For more information go to If you would like to have someone come and tell you more about its work, and/or get a team together to go and build somewhere, get in touch with Janice Clark, Advocacy Officer, Scotland at 0131 667 1465.

Shaftesbury Society: It aims to transform individual and community lives through Christianity in action. As well as working with disabled people through support and education, Shaftesbury helps Christian congregations and groups to respond to local needs in practical and relevant ways. For details of their resources visit:

‘See Me’ Campaign: This is a campaign to challenge stigma and discrimination around mental ill-health in Scotland. The campaign is run by an alliance of 5 Scottish mental health organisations and combines an award-winning national publicity programme with local and national anti-stigma action developed in partnership with like-minded groups and individuals across all sectors of Scottish life. Individuals who have experienced stigma are involved in many aspects of the campaign. For more see

Stop Violence Against Women: Involving Men: Violence against women won’t stop unless men are part of the campaign to stop it. Men’s Health Forum Scotland and Amnesty International want men to get involved!! This is not just a women’s issue. Violence against women affects us all, in a variety of ways. Find out more and join the White Ribbon Campaign:

Inclusive Church : An Anglican network of churches, individuals and organisations that have signed up to it’s Statement of Belief.

The Evangelical Fellowship for Lesbian and Gay Christians: A group for Christians from an evangelical background.


Christian Aid: Resources to help change the world “Taking liberties: Poor people, free trade and trade justice” Take action five times a year. Sign up on-line at

Control Arms Campaign : This campaign wants governments to tighten the rules for arms sales by signing up to an International Arms Trade Treaty at:

Fair Trade Congregations: Become a Fair Trade Congregation (and then Diocese!). For information on how to apply: For a Fair Trade Activist Sampler Kit go to:

Jubilee Scotland : Jubilee Scotland has launched a new campaign CUT THE STRINGS. Debt cancellation still comes with strings attached. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Join the campaign! No matter how little (or how much) time you have, you can take action to strengthen our call – by signing a luggage label, sending an e-mail or writing to your MP. Tips and further information are available from the campaign office (0131 225 4321) or visit the website.

MakePovertyHistory (keep campaigning) :

OXFAM: Get out there. Change your life. Change the world. Take a hike…Be a globetrotter… Run for your money! For these and other exciting events to raise money for Oxfam’s work with some of the poorest people in the world.

Practical Action: Simple solutions to poverty that really work. Practical Action works with people living in poverty to find real answers to their problems. Not power stations, but wind turbines. Not genetically modified seeds, but local crop varieties. Not tractors, but donkey ploughs. Simple, practical solutions which put power back into the hands of poor people. To support this charity visit

PressureWorks : Make this year matter with PressureWorks, a website for a TV/consumer generation that’s tired of being lied to. Packed with ironic comment, black humour and savage indignation, Pressureworks is about being active – mentally, politically, creatively. It’s about using the tools of popular culture – comedy, drama and satire- to wake the world up! It wants peace, economic justice and basic rights for all. Pressure does work! It got women the vote, abolished slavery and won gay rights. They were all hard won. Campaigning movements start small. Pressure takes time to gather momentum, and overcome massive obstacles before achieving their aims. To find out how you can put pressure on, go to:

Shared Interest : Working together for fair trade Shared Interest works with fair trade producers and buyers around the world, providing them with much needed credit and loans on fair terms. Their lending comes from share capital invested by individuals in the UK. Thanks to these people, who have invested with them because they want to make a difference in the world, they can provide finance to those who need it. Web link at

Tools for Self Reliance : Working with local organisations in some of the poorest countries in Africa, Tools for Self Reliance refurbishes tools in the UK and then sends them to communities in Africa. They support rural artisans and craftworkers with tools and training so they can improve their businesses.

War on Want : War on Want, fighting global poverty. Current campaigns include ones on Trade Justice, Privitisation and Poverty, Global Tax Dodge, Palestine, Western Sahara, Columbia, Corporations and Conflict, Corporate Accountability and a Youth Action Network. For more information go to

World Development Movement :


Preventing Food Waste : An estimated 4 million people in the UK cannot afford a healthy diet. Fareshare – Community Food Network is an organisation which redistributes food from the food industry to vulnerable people in the community. It contributes towards 3.3 million meals for 12,000 people in over 250 community projects. They would like your help in reaching more!

Living Ethically : Web-based resource. They are a totally independent shopping and information portal into the world of organic, ecological and ethical living. Their shopping directory makes buying orgo-eco-ethical products easy. It includes hundreds of links, all of which are to UK companies where you can order on-line for home delivery. The food and drink section is also indexed with food miles in mind!

Ecotricity : Electricity from wind power. It is easy to switch to Ecotricity, and they will match the current price you pay for your household electricity, and do all of the necessary work to change suppliers.

Giving Ethical Gifts: “Oxfam Unwrapped” has succeeded in capturing the public imagination with its gifts which can be given all year around and includes goats, classroom desks, toilets, months of teaching etc. Go to or call 0870 410 5030. Christian Aid also has an online catalogue called “Present Aid: Gifts today that last beyond tomorrow” which can be found at:

When you shop with “Amnesty International Web Shop 2009” you directly support their work to protect Human Rights and promote humanity. Fair Trade, Organic, Eco-friendly and Local. Order online at:

Giving What We Can is an international society dedicated to eliminating poverty in the developing world. The members see that their comparative wealth can prevent a significant amount of suffering… so they have each take the Pledge to Give: to give at least 10% of their incomes to wherever they think it will do the most to relieve the suffering in the developing world.

Heifer International has a simple concept: help others to help themselves. Heifer’s model for sustainable development does just that. One facet of sustainability is enterprise development, helping others to achieve entrepreneurship with just a small capital investment, such as an animal gift. Heifer also helps communities flourish through small loans, enterprise planning, marketing, product development, etc. For more information go to:

The Ethical Superstore,formerly known as ZeroPointZero, the new name reflects their mission of delivering the widest range of products that put people – from all points on the globe – and the planet, itself first! For more information go to:


Cooperative Bank: A public limited company providing a full range of banking services to personal, church and business users. It operates its own Ethical Policy.

Friends Provident: A public limited company with a Stewardship Fund. Started in 1984, it is one of the oldest ethical investment funds in the UK.

net Credit Union Development Agency Ltd : Working for Financial Inclusion.

Shared Interest : Working together for fair trade Shared Interest works with fair trade producers and buyers around the world, providing them with much needed credit and loans on fair terms. Our lending comes from share capital invested by individuals in the UK. Thanks to these people, who have invested with us because they want to make a difference in the world, we can provide finance to those who need it. Web link at

Triodos: Aims to provide sustainable banking; they seek to support organisations that benefit people and the environment.