Organisation of the Third Order

There are now more than three thousand members of the Third Order world-wide, and so we are divided  into Provinces: Europe (which has nearly two thousand members), the Americas, Asia-Pacific (Australia, Papua New Guinea and East Asia), the Pacific (New Zealand and the Solomon Islands) and Africa.

The European Province is again divided into Clusters, and each cluster comprises a number of Areas. Within each Area there are local groups which is the most important unit for Tertiaries and which usually meet monthly. There are also regular Area meetings during the year, and every six years or so the whole membership is invited to attend a General Chapter. The last General Chapter was in York in August 2006 on the theme of Heralds of the Great King. Local group meetings enable members to be in fellowship with other Tertiaries, and our Area meetings enable us to have a better sense of ourselves as an Order.

The European Province is led by our Provincial Chapter whose meetings are chaired by the Minister Provincial; Chapter is made up of eight Link Tertiaries representing the eight Clusters, the Area Minister for Sweden, and six Provincial Officers, the Minister Provincial, Secretary, Treasurer, Formation and Novice Guardians, and Communications Coordinator, all of whom are elected by the membership for a period of up to six years. Chapter meets together three times a year.

Twice a year the Order publishes “Little Portion” and three times a year sends an electronic newsletter called Third Order News (TON) – Areas send print copies to those without email.

Archives of past issues of “Little Portion” and its predecessor, the “Chronicle” can be found in the Resources section of this website.